The Trainee Undercover by Brenda Shaw is both mystery and thriller, a story that is intensely emotional and loaded with surprises. The story features compelling themes like intrigue, murder, blackmail, and corruption, and the reader will be trapped in a guessing game, wishing they knew who is behind the conflict that drives this thrilling story. Paul Collier, the COO of one of the big pharmaceutical companies, has just found out that billions of pounds are being stolen from the company. But then he is blackmailed into silence. Things get worse when the CEO of the company is accused of murder. Who is behind all this? Watch what happens when four teenagers decide to take a complex investigation into their own hands.

I loved the idea behind this book and the characters are awesome. The fact that the crime is being investigated by teenagers, kids with no certain idea of what they are getting into is not just tragic, but intriguing. There are so many scenes that will increase the pulse of the reader, like when Alex sees the “man in the black raincoat,” gun in hand, and walking directly towards him under the shadows, and he couldn’t call out for help or alert his friends of what is happening. Working undercover as a trainee in the pharmaceutical company is also very risky stuff for a teenager and it is happening in this spellbinding novel. There is a lot of action in this story and the conflict is powerful. The plot is beautifully imagined and executed with mastery. Brenda Shaw has a gift for character and I loved how she allowed the traits in her characters to unfold, and how some of these characters evolve through the conflict. The Trainee Undercover is a page-turner, a thrilling read that will have readers enthralled throughout.

– Reviewed By Arya Fomonyuy

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Brenda Shaw is a author based in UK and writes under a pen name. Since childhood, she has been a very keen and voracious reader of adventure, suspense, mystery, detective, legal and science fiction books. After completing her post-graduation in biological sciences, she worked for the pharmaceutical industry for nearly two decades. She decided to leave her career and pursue her childhood passion of writing fiction books. Brenda Shaw is the author of the suspense action-packed thriller, ‘The Trainee Undercover’. Being a travel lover, she has been travelling to various cities in Europe, America and Asia. She is very keen to explore and understand the varied customs and colourful cultures that exists around the world. Author's Website: Blog Dedicated For 'The Trainee Undercover' Fans: http://www.TheTrainee.Info